Wiring without a fixture

There may be scenarios where you have a switch that either doesn’t control anything (fixture has been abandoned during a poorly planned remodel) or controls power to a wall outlet that you don’t use. Because of the ability to wirelessly link switches, you can reclaim these abandoned or unused wall switches by installing a Nokia Smart Lighting switch and linking it to another Nokia Smart Lighting switch or outlet in the room to create a virtual 3-way circuit or replace it with a keypad and control different lights throughout the home.

Remove existing switch

  • Disconnect power at the breaker panel.
  • Remove old wall plate.
  • Remove the mounting screws and pull switch away from wall (leave wires connected for now).
  • Look in the junction box behind the switch to see if you have neutral wires. These are typically 2 or more white wires connected with a wire nut. Do you see them?
  • 5. Remove the wires from the old switch – these wires are sometimes connected by screws or by wire nuts. If wires are pushed into the back of the switches, use wire cutters to remove.
  • 6. Use wire strippers to straighten the ends if bent and ensure you have ½ inch of exposed copper wire.
  • 7. Screw wire nuts over the wires using the wire nuts included with the new switch.
  • 8. Turn on power to the switch at the breaker panel.
  • 9. Back at the switch location, use a voltage detector to determine which of the wires is Line (powered) – use tape to mark wire as Line. Mark the other wire as Load (fixture).
  • 10. Turn off power to the switch at the breaker panel.

Install new switch

  • Connect the green ground wire on the switch to the ground wires in the wall box. These are typically bundled in the back of the switch box and are bare copper wires.
  • Connect the white neutral wire on the switch to the bundle of neutral wires.
  • Using a wire nut, cap the red load wire on the switch – this will not be used.
  • Take the line and load wires that are in the box and using a wire nut, tie them together with the line wire on the new switch.
  • Gently tug on the wires connected to wire nuts to make sure they are secure. Also make sure there is no exposed copper wire.
  • Tuck the wires back into the wall box and move the switch into position:
  • Dial: LED indicator facing upward.
  • Paddle: LED indicator on left side.
  • Keypad: LED indicators on right side.
  • 7. Tighten the switch mounting screws and make sure it is properly aligned with the wall box or other switches if installed next to other switches.

To link your device to control another device, see Manually create lighting presets and multi-way circuits.