Detailed wiring instructions for Nokia Smart Lighting

Upgrading your home with Nokia Smart Lighting starts with replacing your old switches and outlets. And if you’ve ever installed a switch before, you’ll be happy to know the process for installing Nokia Smart Lighting devices is very similar. The following are the most notable differences:

  • A neutral wire is required – usually 2 or more white wires found in most homes built from the 1980’s. Learn more about neutral wires and how to check if you have them.
  • A ground wire is required – bare copper wire found in most switch boxes.
  • 3-way or 4-way circuits don’t require special companion switches. Simply replace all switches in the circuit with Nokia Smart Lighting devices. This expands your options as you can choose to use a keypad in one location and a paddle switch in the other.

For details on wiring up your Nokia Smart Lighting switches and outlets, see the articles below.