Manually test wireless range

If you encounter any issues linking devices together (i.e., unable to link devices together), you may want to test the range to ensure that the devices are within range. If you find during this test that the other devices are outside of range, we recommend finishing any other device installations as each device added to the house increases range and reliability. Otherwise, consider selecting another location or adding one or more Nokia Smart Lighting devices to your home.

Nokia Dial, Paddle and Keypad:

  • Tap Set button 4 times, switch will begin begin beeping once per second and LED indicator will flashing white.  
  • Any Nokia Smart Lighting devices within wireless range will be flashing its LED
  • To exit, tap Set button once.

Nokia Outlet:

  • Tap Upper or Lower set button 4 times quickly, Outlet will continue beeping once per second and both Upper and Lower LED will turn green.
  • Any devices within wireless range will start blinking LED.
  • To exit Wireless Range Test, tap set button once.